28 Jan , 2015  

A few images attached showing ‘Royal Scots Grey’ yesterday at Springburn after a lot of work on body preparation. As can be seen the number 2 end nose side grille and all engine room windows have been removed for corrosion repairs around the edges in all these areas. The cab step sections have been removed as they were also corroded. Cab Door handles have been removed and the roof grille panels will be painted separately. All the window, radiator and filter areas have been masked off and the loco is virtually ready for the first coat of two pack undercoat to be applied before it spends a god bit of time inside the huge oven which cures the paint. As many will know the preparation and final finish prior to applying paint is the all important aspect of a top quality paint job and we are extremely happy with the level of attention to detail in evidence at Knorr-Bremse, Springburn works.

From 2 End from number 1 end from number 1 endA Number 1 end Side View