28 Jan , 2015  

Many people would think that a repaint of a locomotive is exactly what it sounds like, ie. just get some paint on! In practice there is far more involved, this includes removal and replacement of over a 1,000 screws, nuts, bolts and rivets. In most instances we have replaced all removed screws, nuts, bolts and rivets with brand new ones and wherever possible use stainless steel components, these are very expensive particularly in Imperial sizes, but are vastly superior for the long term than other materials.

Most fittings have been sourced by myself in Huddersfield and sent up to Springburn, the image shows just two examples, nuts, bolts, flat and spring washers for use on the two engine air intake filter casings, these are located above the battery boxes in the centre of the engine room. The stainless steel rivets pictured are 4.8 x 11.8 sized and for use to refit the 4 cab step highly polished stainless steel ‘kickplates’.

Nuts Bolts Rivets

Obviously we have to supply new vinyl loco numbers, data panels, depot stickers, number 1 axle marker and lifting point Identification markings as well as the BR arrows. these are made locally by a friend from my local pub. These were sent to Springburn today and the mandatory glow in the dark  ‘Overhead Live Wires’  warning stickers were sent up a while ago. Also sent today was Black rubber paint and some neoprene rubber seals.


The ‘Royal Scots Grey’ nameplates and crests which have been removed are currently stored in Huddersfield and are seen here leaned up against a stack of pallets.

Nameplate Crests

After filling 22’s number 1 engine with anti-freeze coolant yesterday following work which required the unit to be drained, I found that the engine pre-heater for number 1 engine was now defective following a period out of use. A replacement burner head unit was sent from Beaver Sports today up to Andy McLean, our Scottish based support team member, this is pictured below. Andy plans to visit Springburn over the next few days and hopefully have the pre-heater back in working order soon.

Pre Heater Head