30 Jan , 2015  

w22 Primer300115 5

Here are a few images taken and kindly sent through to me by Archie Ferguson from Knorr-Bremse Rail Services at Springburn showing the loco inside the huge oven and waiting for the first coat of blue to be applied to the main body.

w22 Primer300115

Apologies that the images are rather restricted, but there’s not much room to move inside that oven when a 70 foot long loco is inside!

w22 Primer300115 1

Massive progress can be seen when compared to the photos that I took on Tuesday and the body sides look beautifully straight and smooth.

w22 Primer300115 3

I’m very happy with the way the job is progressing and trust that the final job will justify the large investment in a top quality professional 2 pack finish. I hope to have other images soon and will display any on this site when time allows. Martin…

w22 Primer300115 4