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23 Jul , 2015  

55 022 is scheduled to work the 08.30 departures from Bo’ness on Saturday 25th July in Top and Tail mode with 26 038 returning from Manuel at 09.00 and the 15.00 departure from Bo’ness again in Top and Tail mode with 37 703 returning from Manuel at 15.30. There is just one working scheduled for Sunday 26th July with 55 022 leaving Bo’ness at 11.30, Top and Tail with 47 643, which will return back from Manuel at 12.00.

There is a large selection of locos at this year’s summer diesel gala, which promises to be a great event, further details and timetable with loco roster links can be found at http://www.bkrailway.co.uk/summer-diesel-gala-2015-news/