preserved railways


1 Jan , 2017  

Firstly, all involved with 55 022 and D9016 hope you have all had a great Christmas and send our best wishes for the New Year We are delighted to advise news regarding additional planned work for 2017.

Following the success of 2016’s visit, 55 022 ‘Royal Scots Grey’ will be making a return to the Nene Valley Railway in the spring of 2017. The loco will be operating in it’s current guise of 55 018 ‘Ballymoss, one of Finsbury Park’s famous white windowed Deltics. The railway is conveniently located right alongside the A1 and adjacent to the A47 road, providing convenient access by road from many parts of the country as well as the Peterborough end allowing fairly easy access by train from the main station with regular East Coast and Cross-Country services.

It is the N.V.R.’s 40th anniversary and a very special event is being planned to take place between the 2nd and 4th June, there will be many attractions participating in addition to 55 022, including the famous L.M.S. steam locomotive 46100 ‘Royal Scot’. Regular passenger trains will be in operation between Wansford and Peterborough Nene Valley Stations, please see the following for further information:-

2016 saw several days when 55 022 operated footplate experience days, when members of the public could attend and drive the loco under supervision. All the days were fully booked, despite many additional days being added and the Nene Valley Railway plan to operate more of these special days during the locos visit this year. The loco was numbered 55 007 last year and named ‘Pinza’, so this will also offer the chance of driving 55 018 ‘Ballymoss’ on a ‘virtual’ basis!! The dates are 25th and 26th May and 12th and 13th June. Please see for details.

Following the visits to the Severn and Nene Valley Railways, the loco should return to Grosmont and re-join the North Yorkshire Railway’s operational fleet for the busy summer period. It would be great if a visit to another preserved railway could be arranged for the autumn time, at this stage no enquiries have been received, but we hope that something may arise soon!!

A number of kind donations, including one or two very generous large amounts have been received towards our current dilemma with ‘Gordon Highlander’ undergoing body work repairs at Washwood Heath, the total received to date is around £1,500.00, for which we are extremely grateful.