D9016 appeal


6 Feb , 2017  

Following recent discussions, meetings and further inspection of D9016 ‘Gordon Highlander’ last week at Washwood Heath, hopefully a plan is evolving which will see work on the locos bodywork progress.

A welding and fabricating company enthusiastic about Deltic’s has offered to help with the work at preferential costing and for them to complete the task at Boden Rail Engineering’s works has been agreed in principal. As some may be aware the former Metro-Cammell/GEC Alstom works at Washwood Heath, currently owned by St. Modwen Properties has been purchased for the site to be re-developed as a major HS-2 depot. In time, this will result in all the Companies currently based at the works having to relocate. Whilst not being a pressing matter at this stage, consideration of this development could have an impact on D9016 in due course. If our project, currently in the planning stage can reach fruition, this should mean that the bodywork repairs are completed and we will have a nice gleaming Deltic prior to any impact being experienced.

I hope to be in a position to announce developments soon and also advise on the start of fundraising initiatives towards the costs involved. Providing that a fair portion of the required funds can be raised in a reasonable time, I would hope to see the loco being ready to return to service and be actively seeking a new home before the end of this year. Thanks very much to those who have kindly donated to date, this has raised around £2,000.00 towards the £15,000.00 or so already spent on repairs to the cab sides and new cab-side windows. This is a small amount of the total that will be necessary to complete the body sides and other areas.

It would be greatly appreciated if all Deltic fans will be able to contribute towards helping ‘Gordon’ return to service and I look forward to your support. Further details should be announced over the next few weeks, so please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page. 2017 promises to be an exciting year for ‘Gordon Highlander’ and a great opportunity for all Deltic fans to feel proud of what has been achieved when seeing the loco once again looking in great shape.  

Best Wishes to all,


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