D9016 appeal


8 Feb , 2017  

Following developments over the last few days, the contractor who we are planning to use to speed up the bodywork repairs on D9016 ‘Gordon Highlander’ is to visit Washwood Heath next week in order to carry out some tests in order to provide an estimation of cost and timescale for the bodywork to be repaired, with thanks to Boden Rail Engineering’s kind co-operation. This should then enable a target for us all to aim for to be established.

In addition a local company has been found that can form Perspex type materials and new cab side windows are currently undergoing manufacture, once the new windows are delivered and assembled back in the frames the old windows will be available for purchase. Might make nice roofs for Deltic themed rabbit hutches etc!!

Since my announcement a few days ago regarding progress being made on a plan, a further 2 donations totalling £45.00 have been received, these were very kindly sent by Richard Bryon and Alastair Culff. Other donations received so far in 2017 have totalled £35.00 and kindly sent by Ian Penfield, Robert Gudger, Phil Jones and Carl Looker. Thanks very much for these, as always most appreciated.

I hope to advise further progress soon. Best Regards to all, Martin…


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