Preserved Deltic pack for Train Simulator

6 Aug , 2017   Gallery

This week we received a very generous donation from Vulcan Productions who, after three years of hard work, have produced a package of preserved Deltics for the PC game Train Simulator.

The pack includes all six preserved Deltics and of course includes both 55022 (even 55022 as 55007) and 55016.

For 55022, there is a BR Blue version as repainted in 2011, a Green version dating from 1998 when RSG undertook a lot of varied work including Virgin Trains timetabled service trains, and a BR Blue version disguised as 55007 with appropriate Pinza nameplates.

For 55016 there are two BR Blue versions from the 1980s in early preservation, two WIPAC fitted Porterbrook Purple and BR Green versions, and a later BR Green with full yellow ends – the livery the 55016 was operating in until it moved to Boden Rail at Washwood Heath in January 2015.

You can see some screenshots in the gallery below.

There is more info about the pack, which is priced at £10.99, at http://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/preserved-deltic-pack.html and Vulcan Productions have offered to continue to donate to us 5% of all digital sales until Sunday August 13th. Thanks very much to the team at Vulcan Productions for this kind gesture.