Deltics Remastered


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The Second Deltic Age began in the autumn of 1996 with D9000s main line test runs. Since then, four more Deltics have stretched their legs on main line track during a fascinating 17 year period. Deltics Remastered is the story of that unique chapter in rail preservation. Highlights include test runs; early charter trains, the first run with the VSOE Pullmans; return to service trains for Virgin and Anglia; a section devoted to the five day ‘Freedom of Scotland’ tour, with stunning footage from all over the Highlands and Deltic convoys. The return of 55022, its test runs, tours, the Alcan workings, and Scottish EMU moves in 2013. The recent return to the mainline of D9009 and 55002, In short, an 81 minute Napier feast for all fans of the iconic Class 55.|