Sector 56

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SECTOR 56 features the fascinating Class 56 fleet during the decade of change that was the 1990s, and shows how the locos’ work and appearance evolved as they moved from the sectorisation period, through the Trainload freight era, and into the private sector. A huge variety of fascinating footage, informative graphics and, of course, a detailed script, convey the full story of this period of transition.

Highlights include: 56001 at Reading; 56s on ARC stone trains at Westbury; 56056 on ARC at
Loughborough; 56105 on Ketton cement; 56113, 120, 121, 124, 130 and 135 on MGRs north & south of the Tyne; Romanian ‘Grids’, 56002, 019, 024 & 027 on East Midlands coal; Thrash from MGRs in Yorkshire; 56010 on Stormy Bank; 56017 on Fletton Flyash; the unique 56042; steel workings, including 56040 at Abergaveny and in Scotland. The programme also illustrates every livery the Class 56s carried in the 1990s . . . so step into the Time Machine and give yourself a nostalgic treat! Approx 82 mins|56033 at Copy Pit; 56096 at Edinburgh on petfood; 56046 on Plasmoor blocks; 56060 on Burnhaze tanks; 56091 dragging Class 91; 56057 on drag at Lancaster; 56041 and 56068 running in white undercoat; 56033 at Shap; 56s on Freightliner duties; 56129 at Greenholme; 56035 blasting through Bescot on ballast; 56031 at Irlam on oil; 56064 on tour at Dawlish . . . and plenty more. Written & Narrated by David Maxey.