The Compendium of Deltics


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The fourth volume of Visions International’s popular ‘Compendium’ series features the legendary Class 55 Deltics. Footage of the BR years from the early 1970s to the early 80s delivers an instant nostalgia fix, and unlike other programmes in the series features 100% archive footage.
Includes all 22 locos shot between 1973 & 81. Featuring famous named trains, The Flying Scotsman, Talisman, Aberdonian, Leeds Executive, Silver Jubilee and of course the prestigious Tees-Tyne, Hull & Yorkshire Pullmans. The electrified section between King’s Cross and Hitchin; Light Engines at speed; All 6 of Finsbury Park’s racehorses with White Cabs, a Saturday in 1975 at Selby, selection of railtours between 1978 and ‘The Farewell’. King’s Cross in 1973 & 74 with 9000 numbers and headcodes prevailing – the old signal box and plenty of crests on the regiments too. The HST age from 1978 to 1981 as the class lost its premier status.
DVD features: Motion menus and scene selection,84 minutes running time, written & narrated by David Maxey.